Roselle Flowers

Red roselle flowers (Platycercus) have dark red flower petals that appear from the rosella armpit. Rosella only has one flower on each stem. Each rosella flower has at least 8 to 11 hairy flowers with a length of up to 1 cm.
Rosella is now widely consumed because of its benefits. Various studies have been conducted to observe the benefits that can be obtained from the Rosella, including:
Rosella plants have high antioxidant content of up to 1.7 mmol / prolox which can be obtained from 3 dried roselle buds weighing 1.5 grams.
Research conducted by diluting 3 grams of dried rosella into 300 ml of water and putting it in a spectrophotometer tube showed that rosella contained anthocyanins (51%) and antioxidants (24%). The natural pigments of rosella plants can help inhibit cancer and even turn it off .Rosella has hypotensive or antihypertensive properties
The nutritional content in Rosella flowers includes calcium, carotene, thiamine, calcium, protein, protrin, riboflavin, niacin, iron fat and water. In addition, there is also a content of vitamin C, vitamin A and dozens of types of amino acids needed by the body.

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