Lemon Basil Leaves

Lemon Basil leaves are one of the herbal plants commonly used in culinary. Lemon Basil includes plants from Asia and Africa. This plant can thrive in tropical and subtropical regions. Lemon Basil trees can grow to a height of 10 feet, produce black seeds and have flowers that vary in color, ranging from light green to dark green with a fine texture. The part that is often used from it is the leaves. Lemon Basil leaves that have a distinctive smell contain essential oils such as methyl chavicol, eugenol and linalool. The following are the benefits of lemon basil leaves for health;

Ten Benefits of lemon basil leaves for health :

1. As Traditional Medicine

In China, this plant is used as a cure for infections, stomach aches, snake bites, insects, drugs and as a cure for cancer. Many other countries also use this plant as a traditional medicine, such as Greece, the Philippines, Tanzania, Mexico, and American and European countries.

Apart from scientific proof, lemon basil are empirically used in traditional medicine for various diseases, both in Indonesia and other countries. For generations, the benefits of lemon basil leaves for health have been trusted from generation to generation.

2. Maintaining Heart Health

Lemon Basil is rich in beta-carotene and magnesium, an important mineral that functions to maintain and maintain heart health. Therefore, besides exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet, eating lemon basil regularly can also strengthen your heart.

3. Increase our appetite

The fragrance of lemon basil leaves invites our appetite. So it's normal for anyone to consume this leaf as a raw salad. Besides being fresh and delicious, it fragrance can increase your appetite & make your meal go lustful.

4. Strengthening Sperm Life, Preventing Infertility and  Increasing Sexual Arousal

Besides making our dish more delicious, lemon basil leaves also contain arginine which is proven to be able to strengthen sperm life and prevent infertility. It also contains substances that can stimulate the formation of androgen and estrogen hormones which can also increase sexual arousal. If there are those who have complaints of premature ejaculation, the leaves contain the substance Eugenol and Apigenin fenkhona which can help make erections easier, and arginine to prevent infertility. The benefits of lemon basil leaves for reproductive health are very important for couples who plan to have or add offspring.

5. Lowering Blood Sugar

Lemon basil leaves are usually used as a salad with chili sauce, cabbage leaves and cucumber slices turned out to have health benefits. Sometimes people are not interested in it for certain reasons, such as they do not like the smell or just do not like it but who would think if one of the benefits of lemon basil leaves for health is to lower blood sugar. Control your blood sugar to stay normal by eating it regularly.

6. Prevent Bad Breath and Body Odor

The benefits of basil leaves for other health are preventing bad breath and body odor. If you don't like the smell if you have to eat it directly, you can also drink the basil leaf juice mixed with turmeric and beluntas leaves then drink it regularly every day.

7. Treating Vaginal Disorders, Breast Pain, Kidney Stones & Albuminaria

John Henry M. in his book entitled "A Dictionary of Practical Materials Medical" says that the benefits of lemon basil leaves for other health is to overcome diarrhea, vaginal disorders, breast pain, overcome kidney stones and albuminaria.
8. Overcoming Flu, Headaches, Worms, & Constipation

Based on research conducted by the Center for New Crops and Plant Products, Purdue University, USA, proving that basil leaves have proven efficacious to overcome colds, diarrhea, headaches, intestinal worms, constipation, and kidney disease.

9. Overcoming Flatulence, Ulcer and Colds

Still from the same research results, experts have proven the benefits of lemon basil leaves to treat flatulence, ulcers, lethargy, colds, seizures. The aroma of basil leaves can also be used as a mosquito repellent.

10. As a Massage Oil to Relieve Pain

Basil leaves are often distilled because they contain high-grade essential oils where the aroma of basil will disappear within 24 hours after being applied to the body. Essential oils can make the body fresher and relieve pain so it is very good to use as a aroma massage oil. However, if you are a pregnant woman do not use this oil because it can cause a risk of miscarriage.
So many benefits of basil leaves for our health. Therefore, do not hesitate to consume basil leaves regularly to keep the body fresh and fit.

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